Things to do  



Situated on a headland, Green Head’s bays of white sandy beaches are great for swimming and snorkelling. Offshore islands and reefs are perfect for fishing and scuba diving and inland areas are awash with wildflowers during the months of spring.  



  • Take a tour to see the Wildflowers


  • Take a walk along the Walk Trails around the Headland


  • Indulge your passion for Water Sports


  • Enjoy a picnic among stunning Fauna and Flora in the Lesueur National Park


  • Relax or get active on one of the beautiful beaches


  • Try your hand at fishing from the beach or jetties


  • Perfect location for Sand Boarding


  • Wind Shack Wave Sailing Competition-January





Sea Lions


A short boat ride off the GreenHead coastline is Fisherman's Island which hosts the largest population sealions in the ocean at greenhead

of Australian Sea lions in WA and one of the worlds rarest pinnipeds. Numbers fluctuate between 150-250,

depending on the breeding cycle. Interaction can be experienced with

these inquisitive mammals by a government licensed charter. Please visit    for  


Fishing and Boating


GreenHead has numerous vantage points for some great beach fishing, you can expect to catch whiting, herring, taylor, skippy and sometimes cobbler, please ask the staff at CentreBreak Beach Stay for directions to these locations or you could explore our diverse coast line and discover your own secret spot! Fishing for squid are easily caught off the jetty in the evenings but don't let our resident stingray eat your catch.

Two recreational boat ramps service the town one being located near the jetty and the other at South Bay, this ramp is for smaller boats as its in shallow water. A variety of trophy fish can be caught from the boat as well as having access to the local crayfish with your own Cray pots. 


Sand Boarding


Sand boarding is a very exhilarating activity it gives your whole body a solid workout whilst having fun.

We have specific beaches to sand board on where the sand erosion is not a problem.

Centre Break Beach Stay has several different types of sand boards for hire, so come on in and grab a couple of boards ,take the family to our secluded sand boarding beach and enjoy. 


Skydive Jurien Bay


Australia's Most Beautiful Beach Skydive is at Jurien Bay. A skydive over the Turquoise coast from up to 14,000 feet could be the most unforgettable experience of your life. Jurien Bay is two hours north of Perth via the new scenic Indian Ocean Drive, and only 20 minutes from the iconic Pinnacles. Please visit   fo 

   for details   


Dynamite and South Bays


GreenHead being on a headland is blessed with picturesque beaches and the jewel in the crown

being Dynamite Bay. Dynamite bay was named because it looks as though someone has used

dynamite to blow up the coast line to create the perfect sheltered swimming bay.

Here you can drift about on a kayak or lazily snorkel in  the warm turquoise water while

appreciating the abundant sea life. Dynamite Bay is located some 30 meters from

CentreBreak Beach Stay and is also a great vantage point to watch our beautiful sunsets. 

South Bay is a long almost endless white sandy beach with absolutely crystal clear turquoise water,

the perfect beach for the kids to burn some energy or take the 4wd and go find your own patch of paradise 


Point Louise


Just a short 5 minute drive north of Centre Break Beach Stay is Point Louise, the main surf break but its also a great spot for snorkelling as the water is very clear and there is more than enough reef to explore all literally just a stones throw away from shore.

A couple of minutes further north are numerous bays ideal for snorkeling, kayaking swimming and there are also plenty of picnic areas complete with the picnic table dotted all along these bays.

A well maintained gravel road takes you through all these bays that were once dominated with shacks built and used by holiday makers but a number of issues forced the local shire to slowly clean up the area and now its free of the shacks. Nature has overtaken the area once again and proving to be a hit with the tourists who like to get off the beaten path.  


Walking Trails


During the cooler months, bushwalking is a popular past time. In town, try the trail around the Headland from the jetty around to South Bay or head out to the Lesueur National Park.


Mount Lesueur National Park


The town site of GreenHead is surrounded by reserves-national park. Mt Leisure National Park covers 2700 hectares and is world renowned for its diversity of wild flowers. 1200 species have been identified but not surprisingly there are still over 300 species to be identified.
The department of environment has improved the infrastructure by installing bitchimized loop for the discovering and viewing of the unique flora and fauna. The best season to see the wildflowers in bloom is from August through until October. 


The Pinnacles 


There are many stories circulating about who found the Pinnacles, how old they are and how did they form. In the mid 1600s some Dutch explorers stumbled upon the Pinnacles and thought they were the remains of an ancient civilisation.

The Pinnacles are a short drive south  from Centre Break Beach Stay, and are a must see especially during sunrise and sunset as the play of light bring out the colours and the extended shadows of the formation delivers a contrast that bring out there features.
A visitor precinct and interpretive centre was completed in 2008, many of your questions will be answered here. 


Stockyard Gully Caves


The Stockyard Gully Caves are just a short drive inland from Centre Break Beach Stay this forms

part of the old north stock route, this runs between Champion bay (Geraldton) North Beach (Perth).

The cave is an underground river bed with ravine at one end, this was used as a stockyard by the drovers for a stop over when droving there stock to market. The caves make for an interesting discovery while exploring the many attractions GreenHead has to offer. There are picnic and toilet facilities available.

4WD only. 


Little Three Springs


Adjacent to the caves you will find Little Three Springs this is an oasis among shrub covered sand dunes and is made up of three natural springs, this was one of the watering holes used for the horses and stock along the old North Stock Route. You can still see the brumbies drinking here if your lucky. 


Lake Indoon


Just north of these reserves you will come across Lake Indoon, this is a large fresh water lake and has boating facilities for skiing, sailing etc. There are BBQs, toilets and picnic facilities.


Land Activities


Green Head boasts an 18 hole golf course, 2 tennis courts and a very well maintained bowling green so if your surfed out or you have caught your fish quota for the day there is still plenty to do .


Kite Surfing


Over the past couple of years kite surfing here in Greenhead has taken off. During the peak summer months (Dec-Feb) the sea breeze is ideal, very strong in the afternoon (20-25knts). GreenHead allows beginners to learn in the shallows of the bay or if you're quite advanced you can tackle the left hand reef break about 1km off shore.




GreenHead is a well known windsurfing destination along the WA coast thanks to the strong sea breeze that blows from December until February. Although popular amongst the windsurfing community it still remains relatively uncrowded. When the wind is 20 knots and the swell is 1.5m plus the left hand reef break lights up and makes for fantastic windsurfing. If you are a beginner there are numerous that don't get the full force of the sea breeze.




There is one main paddle out break in GreenHead named Pt Louise, this wave is best suited

for beginners or malibu riders when the swell is under 2 meters, any bigger than 2 meters creates

a more powerful wave which would suit the intermediate to advanced surfer. The wave breaks left and right although the left is shorter it packs much more power than the right. GreenHead almost has limitless options when it comes to exploring off shore reefs for waves but you do need a boat and experience in this sort of venture. If you're lucky some locals might point you in the right direction.



GreenHead also has plenty of parks for the family to enjoy along with 3 children's playgrounds dotted through out the town,there is also one quality skate park for the skateboarders,scooter and BMX riders.